Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Allow workers to create, save, fax, or e-mail customer-satisfaction
Generate a chart based on car sales for a specific time period and
inserting the chart in a Word report
In a Web design firm, smart documents could provide these services:
Format conventions and templates for project proposals for different
types of clients
Create status reports with prompts and approvals for the various
stages of the Web design project
Link to the picture library associated with an individual project
Prompt for text describing specific Web-design tasks (for inclusion as
boilerplate text in client proposals)
Automatically post of critical documents to a SharePoint Team
Services site so that remote members can check project status and
download important files
Smart Documents for End Users
What will an information worker see when he or she works with a smart
document? In some cases, the experience might be completely transparent.
With the familiarity of Word and Excel task panes, users are now accustomed to
looking for help with tasks and procedures by going to the panel along the
right side of the work window. Because a smart document provides a
customized, document-specific task pane, users might not actually realize they are
working with smart-document technology.
The smart document is aware of the cursor position and can display
information in the task pane related to the worker’s specific task or action. The
information might take any number of forms, including these:
Displaying a listing of product names and numbers when the user
enters information in a specific field
Providing links to information related to the user’s current task
Prompting the user with the next step in a process
Giving suggestions for content or actions
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