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A user might receive the smart document via e-mail or by downloading it
from the Web. When he or she opens the file, Office 2003 does the necessary
security checks to ensure that the document was sent by a trusted provider.
If the security measures check out and the user approves the installation, the
template is installed on the user’s local machine, along with the supporting files
needed to provide the smart document content.
Smart Documents for Developers
The smart document itself is a combination of more than one technology.
Developers can use XML schemas to set up the structure of a Word or Excel
document and create a custom DLL using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, Visual
Basic .Net, C++, and C#. The smart documents allow developers to use XML
structures to connect their documents to databases and build actions and logic
into a document information workers use every day. This makes data more
accessible across organizations; provides significant, relevant help for end
users; reduces duplication of effort; and lessens the error margin in data entry
and manipulation. Moreover, because smart documents can update
automatically from trusted servers, developers can work at the server level instead of
deploying to individual user systems.
Tip A dynamic-link library (DLL) is a file (with a .dll extension,
naturally) that contains a library of common functions used by
applications. This library is dynamically linked to the application.
Enhanced Smart Tags
Smart tags were first introduced in Microsoft Office XP, offering end users
context-sensitive tags that provided a submenu of options based on what they
were trying to do. That introduction of smart tags was able to recognize dates,
times, and places, as well as contact names, addresses, and phone numbers.
The technology provided developers with the means to create custom smart tag
solutions, and in the time since that release, a number of interesting and
effective smart tags have been made available to businesses in a variety of
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