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Tip To see some of the smart tags that were developed for the first
incarnation of smart tag technology, visit Office eServices on the Web
Smart Tags for Businesses
How will businesses use smart tags? In terms of corporate possibilities, companies
who want their employees to be able to link to critical internal resources will
use smart tags. Smart tags will be ideal for process documents such as invoices
or expense reports. For example, suppose that a user is entering a tracking
number. A smart tag recognizes the item, and when the user clicks the smart
tag, the menu offers the user the ability to view—directly from the current
document—that particular order in the inventory system. Another option on the
smart tag menu might fill in the details from that invoice automatically, saving
the user keystrokes, time, and error-checking.
Smart Tags: Quick Facts
Here are some quick facts about the changes in Smart Tags for Office
Smart tags have been extended to new Office applications and
are now available in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 and
Developers can use XML to create and modify smart tags.
Smart tags can now automatically carry out an action as soon as
a specific tag is recognized.
Developers have more control over hiding, displaying, or
changing the look of customized smart tags.
Developers can create customizable smart tags that enable
property changes.
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