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you, for example, to create a smart tag that recognizes a wide range of dates in
multiple forms or understands the many ways end users might enter a company
or product name.
Smart Tag Actions
You can add smart tag actions that are executed automatically when an entry is
recognized. This type of smart tag might be used, for example, to display links
to product information when the product name is entered in the document.
Smart tags can also automatically apply formats to specific phrases, insert
additional text, and perform any number of customized tasks.
Customizable Smart Tags
Developers can allow users to set properties for individual smart tag recognizers
in Office 2003. Now users can click the Properties button of a customizable
smart tag to choose specific options. For example, a user might want to change
the smart tag color for a particular type of smart tag, or select a different action
(such as filling a field automatically) instead of the default action. Figure 6-1
shows the Properties button users can click to customize available smart tags.
Figure 6-1 The Smart Tags tab in the AutoCorrect dialog box
provides a Properties button users can click to change the
properties of some smart tags.
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