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Tip A recognizer is the term for the specific item in an Office 2003
application that triggers a smart tag; it’s the phrase or term the smart
tag recognizes. Types of recognizers include dates, times, phone
numbers, people’s names, and financial symbols.
Cascading Menus
Developers can now easily create cascading menus for smart tags that give end
users additional information and options. This allows developers to group
related menu items and increase the functionality of menus. Figure 6-2 shows a
cascading smart tag menu.
Figure 6-2
Smart tag menus can now cascade in Office 2003.
Temporary Smart Tags
Temporary smart tags function only when the document is open and are not
saved with the document, so business-critical information is not saved with the
file. You might use this, for example, to display information related to vendor
bids when the purchasing manager is viewing the file, but after he approves
and signs off on the file, the tags are automatically disabled and others viewing
the file do not have the same access to vendor information.
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