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InfoPath: Quick Facts
Here is a quick list of need-to-know facts about InfoPath:
XML is InfoPath’s native file format.
Customer-defined schemas can be used with InfoPath.
InfoPath includes rich text-editing features.
InfoPath is available on the Tablet PC.
Sample forms are included with InfoPath you can either use as
is or modify to suit your needs.
InfoPath for Businesses
Every business has a method of organizing the information flow from one
group to another, one department to another, one level to another. Sales needs
to know what Product Development is up to. Marketing needs the latest
information on new product specifications. Purchasing stays in close contact with
Inventory. Customer Service needs to have direct access to Sales, and managers
in each of those areas need information from each of the workers in their
It’s staggering to think of the amount of data that already flows through
our processes—often not in the most productive ways. The sales manager sitting
in a meeting Tuesday afternoon makes a note that inventory is low on a key
product; he has to wait until he gets back to his desk to enter that information
in a memo, note it in his update report, send an e-mail to his key salespeople
who are counting on large orders for that product, and so on. If he were working
with InfoPath (and had his Tablet PC with him in the meeting), he could capture
that data as “live” information in real time. By noting it on an InfoPath form, he
could save it to a database, port it to SharePoint Team Services (where his sales
team would see a new announcement about the low stock), or e-mail it directly
to those who most need to know.
The primary goal of InfoPath is very simple: to allow businesses to make
better use of data by saving information in native XML format, which allows
that information to be used in an almost unlimited number of ways, according
to the needs of the individual organization. Because InfoPath shares a familiar
Office 2003 interface, users will find InfoPath easy and comfortable to learn and
use—with little training needed. Developers and form designers will find an
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