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Purchase orders and purchase summaries
Financial summary report
Sales analyses
Travel itineraries
Contact call list
Inventory updates
Employee evaluations
Expense reports
Tip InfoPath includes a library of sample forms you can use
for your own business processes. You can use the forms as
they are or as templates on which to begin building your
owncustom forms.
Highlights of InfoPath
We’ve already touched on several of the major benefits of using InfoPath—the
native XML format, the easy integration with existing business processes, and
the enhanced usability of “live” data captured in a variety of settings. This
section details some of the highlights in InfoPath for both end users and form
End users will find that InfoPath provides the following benefits:
A familiar Office-like interface. The familiar menus—File, Edit,
View, Insert, Format, Tools, Table, and Help—enable users to find
text-editing features similar to those they know and use in Word. The
task pane offers form selection and editing options, similar to other
Office applications. (See Figure 6-3, on the next page.)
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