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Installing on or Upgrading Office 2003 on a Single Machine
To get started, let’s take a look at a typical single-user upgrade to Office 2003.
In this case, we’ll upgrade a user currently running Office XP on Microsoft
Windows XP, but most of what we’ll go over in the sections that follow will also
apply to users installing Office 2003 for the first time.
You can perform two basic types of upgrades when installing Office 2003.
You can upgrade your existing installation of Office, leaving most of your current
versions of Office products in place; or you can have the Office 2003 installer
remove your current versions of Office products during the install process.
What this means is that you can mix and match the Office products that
you have installed on a machine. The number of choices that you have can be
a little overwhelming, so unless you know that you’re going to completely
remove your earlier installation of Office, or that you’re going to do a full-on
side-by-side install, it’s worth taking some time to plan which products you
want installed on your machine.
You might be wondering why you should keep or remove any earlier
versions of Office products that you currently run. The most important thing to
consider is whether Office 2003 changes anything that makes it difficult for you
to do your current work. This could include whether macros and add-ins that
you now depend on work with Office 2003, whether new features of the product
will require time to learn because they work differently from your current
version, or even whether the file formats that you use are compatible among
different versions of Office products.
Note Side-by-side and custom installations are available for every
Office system product except Microsoft Office Outlook 2003. When
you install Outlook 2003, you can’t keep earlier versions of the product
If you’re at all worried about whether the Office 2003 products that you
install won’t let you accomplish your work, by all means do a side-by-side
install so that you have both versions available if you need them. If you’re
doing mission-critical work in Excel 2002, keep both versions of Excel on your
machine and let the installer remove earlier versions of other Office products.
To help you plan your upgrade, write down the versions of the products
currently on your machine, along with the names of the Office 2003 products
that you want to install, as shown in Figure 7-1. Circle the names of the
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