Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Figure 7-2
Choosing the type of upgrade installation you want to
This is where the branching begins, so you’ll need to make some
decisions about what you want installed. If you have an earlier version of Office
installed on the machine, the default selection is Upgrade. Upgrade will remove
your older Office products and replace them with the Office 2003 versions. This
is the easiest way to get Office 2003 on your machine, but with that ease you
give up some control over what you keep on your machine. The other options
include Complete Install, Minimal Install, Typical Install, and Custom Install.
Note Keep in mind that the Office 2003 installer is a tool that you can
use to modify your Office 2003 installation. You can add tools and
products later that you omitted during your initial installation. It’s much
more difficult to reinstall an older Office product once you uninstall it,
so take extra care when selecting which legacy products you remove
during your Office 2003 installation.
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