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These days, disk space is less of a concern than it has been in the past, but
users on laptop computers and those using older hardware sometimes need to
keep tabs on how much space a product installation takes. Table 7-1 contains the
estimated disk space required for each of the available installation types for Office
2003. Remember that these numbers are only an estimate.
Disk Space Required for Office 2003
Table 7-1
Install Type
Disk Space Required
458 MB
234 MB
307 MB
307 MB
You’ll notice that the Typical and Custom installation types take the same
initial size. This means that the Custom type starts with the same options
selected as the Typical installation type, but you have the opportunity to
customize what gets installed. The major difference between the Typical
installation and the Minimal installation is that Microsoft Office Access 2003 is
installed on first use in the Minimal installation rather than with the other
Note Install on first use is an option that adds a feature to the list of
what’s available to a user, but doesn’t actually perform the installation
until the user invokes the feature.
The installation type that you choose determines what you see next in the
installation process. If you’re upgrading, you’ll get the Previous Version of
Office page like the one in Figure 7-3, on the next page. This page lets you
choose which legacy products you want to remove or keep on your machine.
You can choose to remove all the previous versions of Office applications, or you
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