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An Overview of Microsoft
Office 2003
Information workers dream of programs as flexible as humans are, powerful
enough to capture, process, and produce information in a variety of forms, yet
simple enough to master quickly. Seamlessly integrating these applications with
intranet and Internet resources so that you can find what you need when you
need it and apply it almost instantly is part and parcel of this dream.
The last few years have taught us that our simple, interpersonal
communication is as powerful and packed with information as the reports and analyses
we labor over. We’ve also learned that working in groups brings far greater
benefit in terms of creativity, vision, specialization, and error-trapping than
does working alone within our office walls. Physical distance no longer limits
us, given virtual meeting rooms, online conferences, instant messaging, and
collaborative scheduling. We don’t have to run down the hall to check a fact
because we can ping a colleague using instant messaging—right now.
“What’s possible” has been stretched to include faster, more efficient,
further-reaching, and more flexible rules about how we complete our work.
Our quickly evolving understanding of what’s possible at work drives the need
for faster, more flexible, and more efficient tools to get the job done. That’s
where Microsoft Office 2003 comes in.
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