Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Table 7-3 lists some of the documentation and samples installed with the
Office 2003 Resource Kit.
Office 2003 Resource Kit Samples and Documentation
Table 7-3
Customizable Alerts
Customizable Alerts let you create custom error
messages for Office 2003.
International Information
Help for using the different language versions of
Office 2003 and for using the Multilingual User
Interface Packs.
Office Information
Includes specific information about how Office 2003
is installed on workstations.
Package and Definition Files
Package Definition Files (PDFs) are used to deploy
Office 2003 using Systems Management Server
Includes the electronic documentation for the
Office 2003 Resource Kit.
After you install the Office 2003 Resource Kit, you’ll find links to all the
tools in a new folder in the Microsoft Office Tools folder named Microsoft
Office 2003 Resource Kit. The Microsoft Office Tools folder for Office 2003 is
now located in the Microsoft Office folder by default.
Creating a Custom Installation
Administrators who want to create a custom installation of Office 2003 will
usually generate an installation share that contains the appropriate installation
files. Users or administrators will then run the Setup program, a custom link, or a
script that will install Office. By customizing some of the configuration files on the
installation share, an administrator can control how Office 2003 is installed. Here
we’ll look at how an administrator might create a simple custom installation.
When creating a custom installation, the first thing that an administrator
will do is plan how Office 2003 will be rolled out in the enterprise. This
includes some of the same considerations that we discussed for individual
users. Are custom applications going to work properly? Are users going to
require additional training on new Office 2003 features? Do all the machines meet
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