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the minimum requirements for Office 2003? Administrators can find information
about planning an Office 2003 deployment in the Resource Kit documentation.
We’ll assume all those questions have been answered for now so that we can
see what goes into building and running the custom deployment.
Using the Office 2003 Custom Installation Wizard
The Custom Installation Wizard is the tool used to modify the Office 2003
installation process. This tool reads the Office 2003 Microsoft Windows Installer
(.MSI) file and writes options to a .MST (transforms) file that controls the install
options. Administrators can control a large number of options, including the
Where Office 2003 is installed
Whether previous versions of Office are removed
Which specific feature sets in Office 2003 are enabled or disabled by
Whether a default application-settings profile is added
Whether custom files, shortcuts, and Registry entries are added during
Which Office security settings are enabled by default
How users will customize Microsoft Outlook for the first time
We won’t take you through every page of this wizard, but there are a few
options of interest to those who are considering whether to customize the
installation process for the enterprise.
The first option allows the administrator to specify the product key and
automatically accept the end-user license agreement. These options are then
cached on the user’s machine, making it very convenient to maintain the
Office 2003 installation. Figure 7-7, on the next page, shows the Configure
Local Caching of Install Source page of the Office 2003 Custom Installation
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