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When you click Finish, the custom Windows Installer transform file is
generated by the wizard, and you’re presented with a page that shows you how
to use the new transform. To employ the transform, you use the TRANSFORMS
option with Setup.exe, specifying the transform as shown in the sample
in Figure 7-11. You will also notice that the suggested command line includes
some switches that are documented in the Office Resource Kit. The Office 2003
Installer lets you specify a number of installation switches that give you very
fine control over how the install process works for users.
Figure 7-11
The suggested command line for the newly created
As you can tell from this short introduction, the Microsoft Office 2003
Custom Installation Wizard makes it really easy to create a custom installation
for Office 2003 and roll it out to your users. In addition to gaining control over
the installation process, building a custom install can make life easier for users,
allowing them to spend more time working and less time worrying about how
to install Office 2003.
Tip Remember that you can change your transform at any time by
reopening it in the Office 2003 Custom Installation Wizard.
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