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Why? Because You Can 1
You can carry around thousands of songs in a pocket-sized device. You
can watch any U.S. TV show on your home computer anywhere in the
world. You can read the diaries of hundreds of thousands of people. You
can make a call from the road anytime, anywhere. You can fly thousands
of miles for a few dozen dollars or euros. You can order any book, CD, or
video directly from your desk and consume it right there without having
to get up out of your chair. You can find out almost everything about
almost anything within seconds. You can send a photograph to loved ones
in a second. You can travel to almost any location in the world within less
than 24 hours. You can subscribe to have black socks delivered to you
every quarter. You can start a company with a few people all from their
desks; no garage necessary. You can write a book, offer it online for free,
and still make money. You can sell your attic junk for ridiculous money.
You can enjoy life.
Welcome to another week in the 21st century.
The Challenges Information Workers Face
The worldwide community of Office users totals more than 300 million people
(now that’s a big family!), and the needs and wishes of the audience are as
diverse as the countries and industries they live and work in. Their experience
levels range from novice to advanced user to developer/expert. Some users
would choose speed over power. Others want greater flexibility with third-party
products. Still others would like the new Office to be more secure, more stable,
or more streamlined in one area or another. All want easier access to
information, the ability to smoothly apply data across the range of applications, and
processes and procedures that can be personalized to provide solutions for
their own unique work challenges.
1. Adapted from a posting by Stefan Smalla, on Stefan Smalla’s Info Feed: Weblog on business, technology,
startups, and some more . Used
with permission.
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