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The Customer Feedback Loop
One of the most important things that customers can do to help improve
Microsoft Office is to provide feedback about problems with the product.
Microsoft has built into Office 2003 features that make error reporting and
feedback easy to provide and quite seamless in the product.
The Service Options dialog box shown in Figure 7-14 is available from the
Customer Feedback Options item on the Help menu from the various Office
2003 products. This dialog box lets you choose whether to participate in the
Customer Experience Improvement Program. It also provides a link to a Web
page for more information about the program.
Figure 7-14
Setting Customer Experience Improvement Program
The Customer Experience Improvement program is a completely
anonymous forum that collects information about how you use Microsoft Office
2003 and about the hardware on which you run Office. Microsoft uses this
information to improve the various Office 2003 products.
As you can imagine, Microsoft Office 2003 will be installed by millions of
users in a fairly short period of time. Microsoft uses the information garnered
from the Customer Experience Improvement program to prioritize updates and
fixes so that the product becomes stronger over time. One of the positive features
of participating in this program is that problems your company has with the
product are reported. In essence, your reports to this program become votes for
what Microsoft should look at when prioritizing what to update in the product.
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