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Microsoft Office 2003
Productivity Enhancements
Up to this point in the topic, we’ve focused on the new features, tools, and
technologies in Microsoft Office 2003. But this release includes more than great
new features—it also offers many productivity enhancements in each of the
core applications, as well as additions to Office as a whole. This chapter gives
you a quick look at the wide range of improvements that can make your work
easier, more productive, more secure, and more flexible.
Office-Wide Enhancements
A number of new and enhanced productivity features are available in various
Office 2003 applications. They include improved ways to enter, protect, and
share data as well as tools for adding sound, pictures, and scanned data to your
current applications.
Using Ink
Most people grumble about their handwriting but still prefer jotting notes on a
pad of paper over typing them in Word. What if you could do both? Imagine
sitting in a meeting or a coffee shop, scribbling notes on a Tablet PC (or the
graphics tablet attached to your desktop computer), and watching your doodles
become data.
Ink enhancements in Office 2003 make handwriting a viable option for
entering and working with text, numbers, and slides in Microsoft Office Word,
Excel, and PowerPoint 2003. Now Tablet PC users can write information and
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