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allow the application to transform the data to typed text or preserve the writing
as handwriting. The Write Anywhere feature allows you to turn most of your
Tablet PC into a writing surface. This means you’re not limited to the Input
Panel that appears at the bottom of your tablet in portrait mode. You can
customize the ink feature by making these changes to Write Anywhere:
Adding the Write Anywhere button to the title bar
Changing the color and thickness of your writing
Modifying the “wait time” between when you write or draw and when
the input is displayed
Word automatically converts handwriting to typed text, but you can elect
to leave your notes handwritten if you like. To do this, simply enter your text in
the Writing Pad of the Input Panel and then click the down-arrow to the right
of the Send button. From the displayed list, click Send as Ink. The data is placed
in the document at the cursor position, but your handwriting rather than typed
text appears.
Note The Send as Ink feature works as a toggle, so Word will continue
inputting your handwriting as ink until you choose Send as Text.
Inking Modes
When you use Ink on the Tablet PC, you’ll notice three new toolbars:
Ink Annotations turns on the annotations feature so that you can add
notes on documents, slides, or spreadsheets. A toolbar provides tools
for choosing line color and thickness, using an eraser, selecting
objects, or stopping annotations.
Ink Comments enables the Input Panel or the Write Anywhere
feature so that you can add comments directly into the document at
the cursor position. A toolbar with only two options—Draw Ink and
Erase Ink—appears when you choose Ink Comments.
Ink Drawing And Writing displays the Drawing Canvas (and
accompanying toolbar) so that you can write or draw a diagram directly
into your document. You also can change ink color and thickness
and erase ink as needed.
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