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Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 Annotations
Ink might seem like an intuitive feature in PowerPoint; in fact, the Pen option
has been around in PowerPoint for several generations. Ink is helpful in
presentations for drawing circles and arrows on slides; and it can be a dramatic
addition to a slide showing a table, diagram, or chart. In fact, in PowerPoint
2003, you can create entirely hand-drawn slides, if that meets your presentation
Ink in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003
Finally, ink in Outlook enables you to write out your e-mail messages
long-hand, draw maps to the downtown bookstore, sign your name with a real
signature, or make notes on an e-mail message you’re forwarding. Additionally,
you can write out your to-do list, add the items to your task view, and create
Calendar entries using ink.
Internet Faxing
Office 2003 builds in the option of using an Internet service to send a fax from
within Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Relying on partnerships in the Microsoft
Office Marketplace, Office enables you to choose Sent to in the File menu and
select the new Fax Service option. (See Figure 8-3.)
Figure 8-3
Internet fax capability is now built into Word, Excel, and
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