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document can travel and control what can be done with it. For example, the
forwarding, copying, and printing features might be disabled for a sensitive
e-mail message; attached documents are similarly protected.
In Word and Excel, users are assigned various roles, depending on the
level of permission they are granted in a specific document. A Viewer can view
files as read-only and cannot make any modifications; Reviewer enables a user
to make comments in a file and add information; Editor grants editing privileges
so that the file can be modified.
Tip This assignment of roles is a feature IRM has in common with
SharePoint Team Services, which enables you to grant various levels
of access to SharePoint Team Services sites by choosing Reader,
Contributor, Web Designer, or Administrator roles for team members.
Research Task Pane
The new Research task pane is another sophisticated feature in Office 2003 that
enables information workers to bring additional resources to their current
applications. The Research task pane enables users to search for information on the
company intranet, over the Internet, or in a variety of sources both inside and
outside their regular applications. This enables them to find the information
they need—a word, a definition, a translation—on the fly, without stopping
work in their current document.
Built into the Research task pane is an extensive Research Library that
houses a number of resources, including a multilanguage thesaurus and
dictionaries, an automatic translation utility, and an Internet encyclopedia. Users can
also subscribe to third-party resource providers, which can be added to the
Research options and searched automatically.
Users can display the task pane in the usual way—by choosing View, Task
Pane and then selecting Research from the drop-down list in the upper-right
corner of the task bar, but there’s also a more intuitive way. When a user wants
to find out more about a specific word, the user can hold the Alt key and click
the word; the Research utility does a quick search and displays alternate
definitions (as well as antonyms, synonyms, and more) in the Research task
pane. (See Figure 8-4, on the next page.)
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