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Tip The easiest modification is the one to try first: click
AutoCorrect to cause the Picture Library to correct the color
and brightness of the selected image for the best possible
You can also use the Microsoft Picture Library to print pictures; export images
to other file formats; e-mail pictures to friends and coworkers; compress images;
and work with images in groups for export, conversion, or print processes.
Word 2003 Enhancements
Like all Office applications, the look of Word 2003 has changed to match the
Microsoft Windows XP theme and style. The biggest change in Word is the XML
support (ability to create XML files, apply XML tags, and attach XML schema),
but a number of other enhancement features give you more flexibility in the
way you work with and secure Word documents.
More Info For more about working with XML in the various Office
applications, see Chapter 5, “Support for XML.”
Reading Layout Mode
The second-biggest change in Word’s appearance is in the addition of a new
view: Reading Layout mode. This view was created to allow users to read and
navigate through a document without needing to print it out. Users can switch
easily to Reading Layout mode anytime they’re viewing a document by clicking
the Start Reading tool in the Standard toolbar.
Figure 8-6 shows the Reading Layout view. By default, the current page is
displayed in full-page view in the reading pane on the right side of the screen;
thumbnails of additional pages are displayed in the left column.
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