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Navigating Reading Layout
By default, Reading Layout mode displays thumbnail views along the left side
of the Word window, but you can replace the thumbnails with the Word
Document Map if you want to use it to move to specific sections in your
document. Simply click the Document Map tool in the Reading Layout toolbar, and
the map appears. You can then move directly to the section you want to see by
clicking the appropriate section title.
Style Locking
Now in Word 2003, you can set your styles in stone with style locking. This
feature enables you to limit what other users can do in your document and
block their attempts at boldfacing, italicizing, or reformatting parts of a
collaborative document. By locking the styles used in the document, you hold other
users to sticking with those particular styles—and nothing more.
To enable style locking, you work in the Document Protection task pane
(displayed by choosing Protect Document from the Tools menu) and click the
Limit Formatting To A Selection Of Styles check box. When you click Settings,
the Formatting Restrictions dialog box appears, enabling you to choose the
styles you want to allow in the document. (See Figure 8-7.)
Figure 8-7 You can use style locking to prohibit other users from adding
formatting changes.
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