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Tip Click the Recommended Minimum button if you want Word to
set the suggested minimum number of allowable styles for the
Editing Restrictions
A second protection feature is included in the Document Protection task pane.
By setting Editing restrictions in a document, you can limit the types of changes
that users are allowed to make.
Allowing Changes in Document Sections
Yet another protection feature (also in the Document Protection task pane)
enables you to allow selected users to make changes in specific parts of a
document. For example, suppose that you’re preparing a draft of a report that
includes input from Sales, Marketing, and Distribution departments. When you
send the document to someone in charge of the sales information, you can
permit edits only in that user’s section of the document. When you send the
document to Marketing for review, you can allow edits in the marketing
section, and so on.
Excel 2003 Enhancements
The biggest changes to Excel include the addition of powerful XML support
features, linking to XML schema, transforms upon Open and Save, and the
drag-and-drop visual mapping capability for building XML documents in Excel.
Additionally, other enhancements we’ve already covered—such as Tablet PC
ink support and the new Research task pane—make Excel more flexible and
easier to use.
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