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PowerPoint Enhancements
Many PowerPoint additions in Office 2003 have been discussed earlier.
PowerPoint’s additions include the Research task pane (already covered in this
chapter), which enables you to find out more about a subject or phrase used in
your presentation; the Shared Workspace (Chapter 3) allows you and other
team members to work collaboratively on a presentation using SharePoint
Team Services. Smart tag functionality (Chapter 6) appears for the first time in
PowerPoint 2003.
This section introduces you to new features in PowerPoint 2003 not
covered elsewhere in the topic. These items include the new Package To CD
option, slide show annotations, enhanced integration with Microsoft Windows
Media Player, and the option of showing full-screen movie clips during a
presentation rather than limiting them to a small display box.
Tip In addition to the Research task pane shared with other Office
2003 applications, PowerPoint has its own Thesaurus Dialog option
(in the Tools menu). To do a quick check on a word, highlight the word
and press Shift+F7. PowerPoint does a quick lookup and displays
alternate words in the Thesaurus section of the Research task pane.
Packaging Presentations
Specific changes to the program include the replacement of the Pack and Go
Wizard with the Package to CD option. This feature enables you to prepare
your presentation and burn it to a CD that can be run on another user’s system,
even if that user doesn’t have PowerPoint. The Package for CD dialog box
enables you to name the CD and add files as needed. (See Figure 8-9, on the
next page.) When you click the Copy to CD button, PowerPoint copies the files
quickly to the CD and then ejects it and asks whether you want to copy the
same presentation files to another CD.
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