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Improved Navigation Tools
The slide show toolbar has been improved in other ways, as well. The Slide
Navigator has been replaced with a button that displays only navigation-related
options. You can move easily to a specific slide by choosing it from the Go To
Slide submenu; you can pause the presentation and go to a black or white
screen while you have a discussion. You can still display the Speaker Notes
dialog box to add specific comments, questions, or items you want to look up
later. (See Figure 8-11.)
Figure 8-11 The improved navigation controls are easier to use and
make more options available to you while you’re presenting.
A new option in the Screen submenu, Switch Programs, displays the
Windows Taskbar so that you can easily display another program you might
have waiting in the wings. For example, suppose that you are giving a
presentation that introduces a new product to your regional sales managers. Before
the presentation, you opened an Excel worksheet showing sales projections for
the product, but you minimized it so that you can use it only if you need to.
When one of the regional managers asks a question about sales projections,
you can choose Switch Programs, click the Excel icon in the Taskbar, and
display and discuss the projections before returning to your presentation.
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