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Full-Screen Movie Playback
In previous versions of PowerPoint, movie objects played in a small rectangular
area on the presentation slide. In PowerPoint 2003, you have the option of
maximizing the movie so that it plays in full-screen view. This allows you to
launch a short video of a new product or an interview with the product
designer, run it full-screen, and then return seamlessly to the presentation. The
option for playing a movie in full-screen view is available in the Movie Options
dialog box. (See Figure 8-12.)
Figure 8-12 PowerPoint 2003 enables you to play a movie clip in
full-screen view.
Microsoft Office Access 2003 Enhancements
The big improvement in Access is XML support built into the easy import and
export capabilities of the program. As explained in Chapter 5, XML support
makes it possible for Access to work with virtually any kind of file (given the
necessary transforms). The additional enhancements in Access have to do with
simplifying complicated tasks and making things easier for users and developers.
This section gives you a quick look at the productivity enhancements in Access.
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