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Lack of business process integration. Even in the
smoothestrunning businesses, a lot of overlap occurs in business process. One
department replicates what another department is doing at the other
end of the building. With enhanced collaboration features and
improved support for XML, Office 2003 can help you cut down on
duplication of effort and allow all departments to share access to
information that would support each of their efforts in unique ways.
Outdated and upgraded systems disconnect the usefulness of
data. As businesses change and grow, their systems also change
and grow. Most large organizations go through elaborate—and
expensive—upgrade processes to ensure that important data
migrates from generation to generation. But in many organizations,
some data is simply left unusable in today’s applications—and
workers re-key existing information or scan piles of printouts to
transfer information from old legacy systems to today’s servers.
Office 2003 integrates into the core applications industry-standard
Extensible Markup Language (XML), allowing organizations to store,
access, and publish data from almost any system in an unlimited
number of forms.
Underutilization of productivity tools. The core applications in
Office are so feature-laden that many businesses don’t use them
fully; people tend to perform a specific number of tasks with each
program without a sense of how the programs could work together
to improve and accelerate business processes. Office 2003 increases
productivity in each of the core applications—Word, Excel, Outlook,
Access, and FrontPage—and enhances the easy way the applications
work together to make you more productive and efficient.
Lack of true mobility. Many of today’s information workers work
on the move. They travel to meet clients; they make business calls on
cell phones in the airport; they meet in coffee shops and gyms as
well as boardrooms, courtrooms, and classrooms. As a people on the
go, information workers need flexible ways to gather the ideas and
information they encounter along the way. Laptop computers
provide one way to capture information on the run, but even the smallest
laptops can be more trouble than they’re worth in a fast-paced
brainstorming meeting. Office 2003’s support for input from mobile
devices—including the new Tablet PC with enhanced Ink support—
gives mobile users yet another way to capture and use important
in-the-moment information.
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