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Smart Tags Identifying Common Errors
Access 2003 puts smart tag technology to work by using it to help let users
know about common errors that occur in Access databases. For example, when
Access encounters an invalid control source or an unassociated label, a smart
tag indicator underlines the item. When the user positions the pointer over the
item, the smart tag icon appears; by clicking it, the user will see a list of possible
actions for identifying and resolving the error.
Tip Access also supports the use of the AutoCorrect smart tag for
common data-entry errors, such as incorrect capitalization, and can
expedite text entry by replacing the abbreviated text a user types with
the longer company or product name, for example.
Creating a Backup Database
Now Access 2003 can easily create a backup copy of important database files by
using the Back Up Database command directly from Access’s File menu. When
you choose the command, Access displays the Save Backup As dialog box and
names the database file with the current date so that future backups do not
overwrite previous versions. (See Figure 8-13.)
Figure 8-13 The new Back Up Database option enables you to easily
create a backup of important files.
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