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Identifying Dependencies
When you rename or revise database objects, it’s easy to forget—especially in a
complicated database system—the variety of items that depend on that
particular item. Access 2003 includes an Object Dependencies command that enables
you to find out which other objects (tables, forms, queries, and reports) depend
on the item you are modifying. You can evaluate dependencies by
right-clicking the object and choosing Object Dependencies, as you can see
in Figure 8-14. The Object Dependencies task pane shows you the objects that
will be affected. When you make the change, the objects are updated
automatically for you.
Figure 8-14
Access 2003 shows you the objects that depend on the
selected item.
Simplified Copying of Linked Tables
In previous versions of Access, the steps involved in copying a linked table to
your local database were complicated; now the process is simplified so that you
can copy a linked table to your local database using a simple copy-and-paste
procedure. Additionally, a link appears in the Access task pane as a common
action under Linked Tables.
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