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New Browser Options
FrontPage 2003 allows you to preview your pages in a specific browser or in a
number of different browsers. You can select the browser size and even display
the same page in multiple browsers simultaneously.
From the Experts
Jim Buyens, author of Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 Inside Out, thinks
the dynamic templates feature will be a big help to users. He says,
“...if I make a template for a Web page…I set up the background picture
and set my text colors and put a header and footer on the page…I can
then designate one or more areas on the page as editable, which means
that the page that uses the template can put variable content in there.
From there, you can open other Web pages and attach that template to
them. The page template features—with the non-editable background,
header, footer, and copyright information—appear on the page, with the
customizable content in the middle.” This could be deployed to many
different sites, across an organization. But now suppose I go back and
change the template. FrontPage can now go out, find, and change all
linked pages, so the template changes are made to all linked sites
immediately with no effect on the content.
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