Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Because Microsoft Office 2003 is still an emerging topic, resources for finding
out more about it are a bit limited in number. This appendix provides you with
links and references you can consult to learn more about the various aspects
and applications of Office 2003. The listings are divided into the following
General Office Resources
Office Developer Resources
XML Resources
Microsoft Office 2003 Applications
General Office Resources
Tablet PC Quick Reference , by Jeff Van West (Microsoft Press, 2003).
A full look at the range of features available on your Tablet PC that
shows you how to use your Tablet with Office applications.
Microsoft Office 2003:
“Microsoft Office 11 Preview,” Paul Thurrott, SuperSite for Windows,
Dec. 6, 2002:
“Microsoft’s Next Office: More Than Meets the Eye,” Yardena Arar,
PC World , Jan. 2003:
Office Developer Resources
Programming Microsoft Visual Basic .NET , by Francesco Balena
(Microsoft Press, 2002). A book for developers and
solutionproviders that answers questions about Visual Basic .NET and
supplies many real-world code examples.
Microsoft Developer Network:
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