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Simplifying the upgrade and deployment process. Adding
new software always involves a learning curve and, depending on
the size and structure of your organization, can be a major
undertaking. Office 2003 takes a shot at resolving upgrade challenges by
adding a new Custom Installation Wizard and Custom Maintenance
Wizard for corporate deployment. For individual users, the Setup
interface and process have been improved, stabilized, and expanded
to be more accessible for all users.
Protecting valuable business information with IRM. Information
Rights Management features enable you to grant or restrict the ability
to print, forward, edit, and copy documents. This ensures the
integrity of your intellectual property and allows you to grant permissions
to selected people rather than making it available to all who have
access to your system.
Throughout the rest of this chapter, we’ll look more specifically at how
Office 2003 meets the needs of individual information workers and small and
large organizations by offering new and improved products and services that
make communication, collaboration, and data application easier and more
What’s New in Office 2003?
With a focus on connecting people, processes, and information, Office 2003 is
flexible enough to enable you to capture ideas in whatever form they occur, use
them to create documents (including spreadsheets, reports, e-mail messages,
Web pages, and more) individually or as part of a group, and save them in such
a way that they can be ported to all kinds of different products. Put simply, the
new features let you gather data more easily, work with it more efficiently, and
save it so as to prevent more work later.
This section gives you a bird’s-eye view of the new features in Office
2003. For more in-depth coverage, see the chapters related to the topic you’re
most interested in exploring.
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