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Office 2003: Top 12 Things You Need to Know
This version of Office has a greater number of features and more
support for collaboration than past Office releases.
The Office interface now uses Microsoft Windows XP themes,
so users can rely even more on consistency between programs.
Office 2003 includes Outlook additions and enhancements that
make communication easier, faster, smarter, and more secure.
SharePoint Team Services use Microsoft Windows Server 2003
to give you a cutting-edge, secure, collaborative team option
you can use from any Web access point.
Office 2003 takes a huge step toward extending the usefulness
of data with full support for XML in Word, Excel, and Access.
Smart Documents, smart tags, and InfoPath enable you to
create intelligent documents that are easier to work with, and to
save data in a secure, structured form that can be applied in
unlimited ways.
Seamless integration of support for Office on
enables users to broaden their resources with a click of the
mouse; access to training, upgrades, solutions, and services are
available on the site.
The new Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 tool allows you to
capture thoughts on the fly in your own handwriting (or in
doodles, recorded audio, and more) and port them to
applications as usable data.
Improved customer service channels help keep Office 2003
customers in touch with Microsoft and one another.
Enhanced security features and improved setup make upgrading,
deploying, and maintaining Office easier.
Information Rights Management (IRM) enables you to control
who has access to your proprietary documents and limit the
tasks (copying, forwarding, printing, and more) that anyone
can perform.
Many new features in the core applications make “living in
Office” a more pleasant, efficient, and productive experience.
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