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After considerable research, the Office team went with this new look
because so many users “spend all day in Office,” and experienced users want a
more polished look. The task panes have been enhanced to show subheadings
on a second color bar, making it easy to see at a glance where one grouping of
commands ends and the next begins.
Some of the individual applications include significant interface changes
as well. In Outlook, for example, you’ll find a three-column view that lets you
preview an e-mail message without scrolling. (See Figure 1-2.) An
instantmessage preview also pops up, showing the first few words of each incoming
e-mail message so that you can see what’s coming in without interrupting your
current task or even taking your hands off the keyboard.
Figure 1-2 You can customize Outlook’s new interface to rearrange the
column format.
Seamless Integration with Office on
Another big change in both the look and feel and the functionality of Office is
increased integration with Office on Links to Office resources
are no longer buried in the Help menu as Office on the Web; now you can link
to information online (including Thesaurus, Encarta, and more) right in the task
pane in each of the core Office applications. (See Figure 1-3, on the next page.)
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