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supported in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; they take interactive, specialized
document creation and application to a new level.
Smart tags, introduced in Office XP, have been enhanced in Office 2003.
Now developers can create more powerful smart tags with a larger range of
actions and applicability. Smart tags are now available in PowerPoint and
Access for the first time, and developers can create smart tags with cascading
menus, giving users a greater range of choice and developers more room for
InfoPath is a new offering that enables businesses and individuals to really
apply the power of XML. On the front end, InfoPath look like highly interactive,
customized forms with contextual prompts; on the back end, InfoPath are
highly structured XML documents that gather the entered data for reuse and
reapplication in an unlimited number of ways. InfoPath comes with sample
forms that can be used as is or modified to specific business uses. They also
include forms for developers that illustrate the various ways InfoPath can be
designed to fit into existing business procedures.
More Info Chapter 6, “XML Applied: Smart Documents, Smart
Tags, and Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003,” goes into the key features in
Microsoft Office 2003 that will put a sparkle in any developer’s eye.
Learn about the new, customizable XML-based features that enable
you to create task panes tailored to your business needs; extend the
functionality and reach of smart tags; and develop sophisticated,
highly interactive, and structured forms with InfoPath.
Improvements in Office 2003 Security
Enhancing collaboration and sharing ideas and projects are great ways to
increase productivity and creativity, but they’re risky, so security is an important
component of Office 2003. Many security-related improvements built into the
infrastructure of Office and its core applications are transparent to the user.
Internet Explorer and Office 2003 now share the same trusted certificate list—
making it easier for you to manage accepted sites—and Office 2003 has
improved compatibility with third-party anti-virus software.
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