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New IRM Technology
A new addition in Office 2003, Information Rights Management (IRM)
technology runs on Windows Server (with a premium Client Access
License) to give organizations running Office 2003 and SharePoint Team
Services V2 the ability to limit access and editability of key documents.
With IRM, users and managers can restrict functions that enable
documents to be copied or forwarded outside an organization; additionally,
range-based permissions and expiration dates can be used to limit and
terminate access.
IRM is designed to help you safeguard the valuable information in
your organization and works alongside your current policies for security,
document confidentiality, and e-mail use. For more about working with
IRM in the various Office applications, see Chapter 8, “Microsoft Office
2003 Productivity Enhancements.”
Productivity Improvements
Many of the big changes in Office 2003 have to do with communication and
collaboration, but each of the core applications has seen improvements of its
own as well. The biggest changes in Word involve the behind-the-schemes
functionality of XML, the connectivity enhancements of the Research task pane,
and the integration with Office on You’ll see and use other new
features, too, such as the new Reading Layout and the ability to mark
documents as read-only, which lets you control access to and modification of
important documents. Don’t forget Tablet PC support (along with ClearType
enhancements, which make text easier to read on LCD displays)—a big coup
for brainstormers, doodlers, and those who spend much of their days away
from their desks, sitting around conference tables.
Outlook extends online messaging capability to make it easy for you to
see who’s online and contact them instantly with a quick question or meeting
request. Great improvements in both the look and feel and the function of
Outlook make organizing and working with messages and appointments easier
and more intuitive. A new Reading Pane gives you considerably more room
onscreen to view selected messages, and smart folders and new views give you
options for storing and working with information.
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