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Tip Outlook’s junk e-mail filtering has been greatly improved in
Office 2003. A new filtering system evaluates the structure of
individual messages to determine whether they should be classified as
“junk;” this is a major change from the sender-based blocking system
used in Office XP. Additionally, lists for trusted senders and trusted
receivers help users control their incoming and outgoing mail. For
more about new junk e-mail filtering features in Outlook, see
Chapter 2, “Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 and Messaging.”
Excel’s big news is support for XML and the increased functionality of
smart tags. Excel also links up nicely to the improved list functionality in
SharePoint Team Services, which enables you to publish specific ranges from a
worksheet to a SharePoint list for review or discussion. Lists on a SharePoint
Team Services site can be exported to Excel for easy reporting and
list-maintenance tasks. The Tablet PC is now supported in Excel as well, so you can add
notes to a document, edit a worksheet by hand, or circle key workbook
elements that you feel need expansion.
PowerPoint has dropped the Pack and Go Wizard and replaced it with a
Package to CD option, which enables you to create PowerPoint presentations
that anyone can view, with or without PowerPoint. For the first time, smart tags
also are available in PowerPoint, a major help for business presenters and
developers who want to give viewers options for more information. Another
big change is PowerPoint’s integration with Microsoft Windows Media Player;
now you can run video and include streaming audio in your presentations on
the fly.
Access now supports XML and smart tags, enabling developers to create
new, feature-rich help sets for end users and managers. Like Excel, Access now
links to SharePoint Team Services, allowing you to share table data with others
on your team or download information into an Access table for analyzing or
reporting. Other functionality improvements include better error-checking for
forms and reports, context-sensitive help when you’re building SQL queries,
and a new backup database option in the File menu that lets you create a
backup while you work.
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