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A New Look for the Address Book
The recipient buttons (To, Cc, and Bcc) are now placed below the
display area, making the process more intuitive for users who want to
select multiple contacts, and then add the selected contacts to the
appropriate recipient line.
One note, however: If you’re wondering where to find the New
Contact button, click Advanced to display a menu of the familiar contact
management commands.
Streamlining E-Mail
If you’re like most of us, the sheer volume of the e-mail you receive in a day has
increased dramatically. Not only do we sift through spam in various forms, but
more and more people are using e-mail as the communication channel of
choice. There’s logic behind that—e-mail is fast, simple, and you can read and
respond when it’s convenient for you, which is a great consideration if you
attend meeting after meeting throughout the day and rarely find the time during
business hours to return phone calls, for example.
E-mail is fast, convenient, and flexible, but it can get out of control
quickly. When you receive interdepartmental e-mail and e-mail from service
vendors and suppliers, prospective customers and long-term clients, your boss
and your boss’s boss, various industry publications, and friends and family, the
volume can become unmanageable fast.
Realizing that people who work with information need a way to sort it
quickly (which messages do you need to read right away, and which ones can
you read later?) and a simple way to organize and store what’s important, the
developers of Outlook added several features that enable you to see the
messages coming in and act on them accordingly.
One time-saving feature is the prompt that appears as a message is
downloading. When a new message arrives, a message alert pops up in the
lower right corner of the Outlook window showing the sender’s name, the
subject, and the first few words of the incoming message. You can skim the
information in the message and opt whether to stop what you’re doing and read the
entire message or simply let it go to the Inbox where you can read it later.
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