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Note Outlook 2003 also includes an improved Rules Wizard and a
new alerts feature that enable you to automatically organize, sort, and
store specific messages in folders you create. The alerts let you know
when something on one of your SharePoint Team Services documents
has been changed. For more about working with rules and alerts, see
the section, “Working with E-Mail Rules and Alerts,” later in this
Another small-but-helpful time-saving feature: a message info tag appears
when you position the cursor over a selected message, giving you information
about the sender, the date and time the message was sent, and the subject and
size of the message. This can be helpful when you’re looking for a particular
message but don’t want to expand the Inbox column or read through too many
subject lines.
If you often find yourself scrolling through dozens of old messages,
looking for the specific one you want, you’ll love the Arrange by Conversation
option that allows you to display messages as threaded conversations. This
option groups all messages with a related subject together so that you can easily
find the one you’re looking for. The new messages are displayed at the top of
the thread, and unread messages are nested beneath. Click on the expand
button to see past messages related to that subject, and click the collapse button
to hide the display of the messages when you no longer need them.
(See Figure 2-4.)
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