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you that the team leader is online. You can click the icon to display the context
menu and then send an instant message, asking whether to meet today or
Instant messaging works seamlessly in Outlook. When you’re using other
applications, it works like this: If you have smart tags enabled on your system
(in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint go to the Tools menu and choose AutoCorrect
Options; then choose the Smart Tags tab, and select Label text with smart tags),
the name of any person in your Contacts list appears with a dotted purple
underline. When you position the pointer on the underline, a small Smart Tag
Actions button appears. Click it to see whether the person is currently online,
and you’ll also see a list of communications choices for sending a message to
the person named.
Similarly, when you are working in Outlook and you receive a message,
the header of the message shows whether the sender is one of your online
contacts. If the sender is currently online (and has either a Hotmail account or a
.NET Passport), the instant message icon appears in color and the smart tag
displays an action menu that enables you to reply with an instant message or an
e-mail message, open the person’s Contact information, schedule a meeting,
and more. (See Figure 2-5.)
Figure 2-5 When you receive e-mail from an online contact, an instant
message icon in the header lets you know whether the sender is currently
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