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You begin side-by-side calendaring by sharing your own calendar. In the
Navigation Pane of the Calendar window, click the Share My Calendar link.
Then enter the information of the person (or people) with permission to view
your Calendar, and click OK. This enables others to view your information.
To view others’ calendars next to yours, click Open A Shared Calendar
and type the person’s name, or choose it from your Contacts list. The other
person must have previously selected Share My Calendar in his or her version of
Outlook and given you permission to view the calendar before you will be
allowed access. The other person’s calendar is added to your Other Calendars
list. To display calendars in side-by-side format, simply click the checkboxes of
the calendars you want to see.
Side-by-side calendar view displayed each person’s daily calendar in a
separate column, enabling you to see at a glance when others are available.
(See Figure 2-6.)
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