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Using Search Folders
At first glance, you might think that search folders actually store the results of a
search for messages about specific projects, people, or things. In reality, search
folders are like filtered views, showing you only the information you want to
see without actually removing the messages from their place in the Inbox.
Outlook 2003 comes with several search folders already created: For
Follow Up will display any e-mail messages you flag; Large Messages will
display messages arranged from largest to smallest; Unread Messages will show
you all the unread messages you’ve accumulated. You can create your own
search folders by right-clicking an existing search folder and choosing New
Search Folder from the context menu. In the New Search Folder dialog box,
you can choose one of the existing templates or create a custom folder based
on criteria you specify. (See Figure 2-9.)
Tip You can use other commands in the Search Folder context
menu to customize the display of search folders and move them up or
down in the displayed list.
Figure 2-9 You can use one of the predefined templates to create
a search folder or start from scratch.
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