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Figure 2-10 Displaying flagged items in the For Follow Up search folder
shows that they are divided by color.
When you complete the follow-up on one of the flagged items, simply
click the flag to remove it.
Easy Editing of Distribution Lists
If you regularly publish e-mail newsletters, department updates, or product listings
that you distribute to a number of people, you probably are already using
distribution lists to help you expedite the process. (A distribution list is group of e-mail
contacts that you group and name. You can send a message to everyone on the list
by entering only the distribution list name in the To: line of an e-mail message.)
Now, in Outlook 2003, you can easily add to or remove names from the
distribution list before sending a message. This would enable you to send out
the new spring product listing to everyone on the distribution list except the two
people who received their copies in a face-to-face meeting. To modify the
distribution list for this one use, you simply enter the list name in the To: line as
usual; then click the expand button to the left of the list name to expand the list.
You can then edit the names as needed by removing or adding additional
contacts. When you’re ready, click Send and the message is distributed as usual.
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