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you to have one professional signature for your work e-mail and another
signature for family and friends.
To better protect your privacy and take a first major offensive step against
spam, this version of Outlook 2003 enables you to block HTML content and
keep junk mail senders from gathering information from your computer. When
you receive a piece of junk mail with HTML that refers to external content (such
as a rotating image or logo), you’ll notice that there is a short wait while the
image appears. During this time, the e-mail message notifies the sender that it
“found” your address and sends back to get the information to fill in the
graphic. This data transfer capability is known as a web beacon, and it simply
lets the junk mail provider know that your e-mail address is live. As a result,
you can be sure you’ll continue to receive plenty of spam from this vendor and
hundreds more like it.
When Outlook blocks external HTML content, the program keeps the data
transfer from happening because the message doesn’t go back to the external
source to display the logo file. This keeps the site from knowing whether your
address is “live,” which eventually lessens the amount of junk mail you receive.
Figure 2-13 shows an example of an e-mail message sent with blocked
information in the header.
Figure 2-13 Outlook blocks external HTML in an attempt to limit the
spam you receive.
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