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Figure 3-1 Access to SharePoint Team Services is built into each of the
core Office applications.
Information in the Shared Workspace task pane related to your current
document is actually part of SharePoint Team Services, but you don’t have to
access the site to see it; it’s brought to you. The Shared Workspace pane first
gives you the option of creating a document workspace for your current
document; later the workspace displays the names and online status of others
collaborating on that document, any tasks that have been assigned for it, and links
to related documents and resource information. This brings you the information
you need and gives you access to instant communication and resources with a
click of the mouse—without your ever leaving the current document.
SharePoint Team Services also gives users a central point of access and
data sharing by creating a Web site accessible from within the various Office
applications. You have many different entrance points—in Microsoft Office
Outlook 2003, you can create a Meeting Workspace, which takes you to the
SharePoint Team Services site. (See Figure 3-2, on the next page.) In Microsoft
Office FrontPage 2003, you can create and modify the STS sites for your group.
In Microsoft Office Excel 2003 and Access 2003, you can import and export data
from the various lists you organize and manage on your SharePoint site.
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