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Contribute to your team Web site from anywhere you have Web
Communicate instantly with other team members who are currently
Use lists to post, update, store, and download information from the
team site.
View information the way you want it using SharePoint’s flexible
views and filtering capabilities.
View information from SharePoint in Outlook and access shared
contacts and side-by-side calendars for easier scheduling.
Create and work on shared documents in a live workspace as part of
SharePoint Team Services.
Store team documents in document libraries so that they can be
shared, updated, approved, and distributed by assigned team
Give individual team members site permissions according to their
role on the team; prevent sensitive data from being displayed in
searches conducted without necessary permissions.
Use alerts to receive notification whenever updates occur on the
SharePoint Team Services site.
Customize your team site by modifying individual Web Parts.
Create online surveys for team members.
Hold Web discussions online in discussion threads that are stored
independently (no need for tracking or checking documents in
and out).
Who Uses SharePoint Team Services?
SharePoint Team Services gives employees in small- to medium-size teams
features that can help them work easily together on shared projects. The group
could comprise employees from one department of a larger company, employees
from various departments, or workers scattered across the country or the globe.
SharePoint Team Services runs on Windows .NET Server 2003, but team members
contributing to the site can add, upload, comment on, and work with documents
and lists, and communicate with team members from any point of Web access.
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