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documentmanagement tools and processes; and a customizable, modular Web-publishing
system that enables departments to publish and provide subscription features to
deliver relevant content to users in various areas. Because SharePoint Portal
Server works seamlessly with the most familiar Office applications and a Web
browser, users are working in an environment they already know.
Overview of New Features in SharePoint 2
Whether you use SharePoint Portal Server or SharePoint Team Services, the new
collaboration, communication, and functionality features integrated with the
Office 2003 applications enable you to share data and documents easily;
organize your information, announcements, and lists in a common space;
interact with team members on the fly; and use the data you gather in your daily
Office tasks. This section gives you a closer look at the new SharePoint Team
Services features included with Office 2003.
New Collaborative Productivity Solutions
An old rule of thumb goes something like this: Getting something done by
committee takes about four times as long as doing it yourself. There tends to be
a lot of hurry-up-and-wait when you’re working in groups. There’s the
challenge of getting everybody in the same place at the same time; splitting the
workload up into tasks that can be accomplished by each member; making sure
everyone on the team has the resources to do assigned tasks; and pulling the
information together into one nice, neat, finished project.
The focus on easy collaboration in SharePoint Team Services shrinks the
scale of major collaboration challenges by providing these new features:
The new Shared Workspace enables you to see the list of people
collaborating on the current project, find out who is online, and
review tasks and other resources.
The new Document Workspace appears as a task pane in Office
applications and links you to the Document Workspace on the
SharePoint Team Services site, where you can check documents in
and out, review versions, discuss articles, and more.
A new Meeting Workspace task pane, linked to a Meeting Workspace
subnet created as part of your SharePoint Team Services site, enables
you to organize, plan, discuss, and gather materials for upcoming
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