Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
The sections that follow give you more information on each of these three
collaboration features.
Working in a Shared Workspace
The Shared Workspace offers a kind of big-picture look at the collaborative
documents and teams you’re involved with. When you open the Tools menu
and choose Shared Workspace (in Word, Excel, and Microsoft Office
PowerPoint 2003), the Shared Workspace task pane appears (see Figure 3-4) and
provides information about the documents, team members, and resources you use
when you work on collaborative documents.
Figure 3-4 The first time you use the Shared Workspace, you are
prompted to create a new workspace area.
Tip You can also display the Shared Workspace task pane by clicking
the Other Task Panes button (to the left of the task pane close box)
and choosing Shared Workspace.
The Shared Workspace lists the members of your team and displays the
active “pawn” icon beside those who are currently online. This is great when
you need to send an instant message (“Would you please upload that new logo
so that we can take a look before the meeting today?”) and when you want to
review the tasks you still need to do in advance of the meeting. The Shared
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