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Tip A document workspace is a Web site in SharePoint Team Services
that enables you to collect, organize, view, modify, share, and discuss
documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more. You can create one
or many document workspaces, depending on how many collaborative
projects you’re involved with; the Shared Workspaces task pane
displays information relevant to your current document and lists the other
documents in the same document library on SharePoint Team Services.
You can create a document workspace in several different ways:
Display the Shared Workspace task pane in Word, Excel, or
PowerPoint; enter a location for the new document workspace; and
click Create.
Send a document a “live” attachment to an Outlook e-mail message.
The document is sent to all recipients of your e-mail message and
also saved as a document workspace at the address you specify in
the Create Document Workspace field. (For more about creating a
live attachment, see “Working with Live Document Attachments” in
the following section.)
If you are using an Office application and want to save the file to your
shared workspace, you can do so simply by choosing My Network
Places on your local system or network drive. Choose the SharePoint
site address from the Save in list, and click Save. The application
saves the file in a document workspace and places it on the
SharePoint Team Services site in the workspace area you selected.
Create a document workspace subweb directly in SharePoint Team
Services by selecting an uploaded document and choosing Create
Each of these creation methods has its merits, and depending
on where you spend the majority of your time (working in a specific
Office application, e-mailing messages and documents, or browsing
the Web), you might use one or all approaches for creating document
workspaces while you work.
This seamless integration with Office applications allows users
to save documents to an online document library as easily as they
would to their own hard drive. With versioning and check-in/
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