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check-out features enabled in SharePoint, you can ensure that
individuals are always working with the (one and only) most current
version of any given document.
Working with Live Document Attachments
Perhaps the easiest way to create a document workspace—especially if you
spend a lot of time online—is to simply e-mail the latest version of a file to
someone on your team. Now in Office 2003, when you use Outlook to send an
e-mail with a file attachment, an Attachment Options button appears to the right
of the Attach field. Click it to display the Attachment Options task pane, and
choose one of the following:
Regular attachment sends a static copy of the document on your
hard drive to the recipient.
Live Attachment sends the recipient a copy of the document you sent
but also creates a new document workspace and stores a copy of the
document there.
When you click Live Attachments, a message appears above the text in the
body of your e-mail message, giving a link to the new document workspace
created for the attached document.
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